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Who where the Cape Peninsula Rifles

Sgt Stripes

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Hi. I am researching a South African soldier who first served in the Transvaal Scottish then in the South African Veterinary Corps and finally in 1917, the Cape Peninsula Rifles. I am finding it hard to locate information on the C P Rifles does anyone have information on this unit. Many thanks.  

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There is not much information on what was a relatively short lived unit.


The Cape Peninsula Rifles were a militia or volunteer unit formed for the defence of South Africa and first named Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Cape Peninsula Rifles on their formation in 1903.  There were a number of similar units organised geographically and loosely equivalent to militia units in the U.K. prior to the formation of the TF in 1908.  The Cape Peninsula was considered strategically important.


In 1913 following the creation of the Union of South Africa these units were formed into a 'Citizen Force', incidentally including the Transvaal Scottish which became the 8th Infantry.  The Cape Peninsula Rifles were designated, as noted by Alf above the 9th Infantry (Prince of Wales etc).  The unit remained in existence until 1926 when it was disbanded following a major reorganisation.  Many of these units were disbanded or amalgamated between the wars due to economy and all the usual reasons we see in the U.K. although some remain though in a much different form. The Transvaal Scottish for example still survive as motorised infantry. 

Like the TF primarily intended for Home Defence although during the Great War South African soldiers and auxiliaries, all volunteers, were heavily engaged in a number of theatres.  The Cape Peninsula Rifles were first deployed to the campaign in German South West Africa.



http://scientiamilitaria.journals.ac.za/pub/article/view/420  for a general history of the South African Defence Force, it does not detail the 9th Infantry but you can see how they were formed and why the economies of 1926 led to their disbandment.







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Many Thanks Alf and Ken for shedding a light on this unit. Much appreciated.     

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