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Douglas, 2694, W. (Belfast) - Black Watch


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In The Scotsman of 7th September, 1916 a list of wounded from the Black Watch included: Douglas, 2694, W. (Belfast) 


Given the connection to Ireland I thought he may be 6th Black Watch. However, I cannot find any other reference to him nor an MIC.


Given his service number he 'should' appear sequentially in the British War and Victory Medal Roll between other Irishmen - Moore, Mulvenna, McGladdery, McMinn and Paisley. Moore and McGladdery went with the first detachment on 2nd May, 1915.


Can anyone provide any thoughts or come up with any information relating to this man?








Douglas 2694.jpg

Douglas 2694a.jpg

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Forces War Records has

First Name:
Resided Town:
Report Date:
Listed as "Wounded" on the Casualty List issued by the War Office from the 7th September 1919.
Further Information:
This man was entitled to wear a "Wound Stripe" as authorised under Army Order 204 of 6th July 1916. The terms of this award being met by their naming in this list.
Service Number:
British Army
Primary Unit:
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

at https://www.forces-war-records.co.uk/records/12894488/private-w-douglas-british-army-black-watch-royal-highlanders/




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Just now, dhubthaigh said:

Is it possible Douglas has been missed from the MIC's or Medal Rolls ?

Possibly, but most likely I would suspect that he was re-numbered and the card/roll is only showing his later number. It's not common but you certainly see it happen.



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I fancy he was renumbered 265814, as 2692 and 2695 are either side of that number.
He was likely transferred and you'll need to track him down in another regiments BV&WM roll.


Happy hunting,


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This man is actually William McCullough (alias Douglas) 2694 6th Black Watch. Arrived France 27.09.1915, wounded 1916 then transferred to Labour Corps. Not what I was looking for but mystery solved.




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