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Hi I am looking for some help/advice.


I am in the process of trying to establish if any former students of Lasswade School have been missed off the war memorial.


I have a list of soldiers from Midlothian who fell in the war and have a list of male names mentioned in the Lasswade School log book from 1880 to 1920.


John Bell (service no above) appears on both lists.


The Midlothian document and cwgc states his address as Roslin which is in the Lasswade School catchment. 


The school log book states a J Bell won a merit certificate and a John Bell was excluded in around 1908 for refusing to enter the HG department. Taking his DOB from cwgc this places his age at 14 at time of exclusion. I’m not sure what HG stands for? Could it mean higher grade, suggesting he refused to attend after passing the entrance exam, this could be why he’s not on the war memorial.


There are two other Bells who have leaving certificates from Lasswade. Christina and Helen Bell.


Any help of advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m assuming John Bell is a fairly common name so may be a massive coincidence.


Thank you,



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