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Remembered Today:

2/1st Northumbrian Field Ambulance Salonika, Balkans


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I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with the attached picture.


My Great Grandfather, Captain Kirton Ivor Seager Smith, is the man on the far left and I was interested in any further information anyone could provide with regards to the other people in the picture. I noticed the nurse on the right appears to have a medal attached to her cape?


Thank you in advance,


Fay Brown x


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The nurse on the right is wearing the silver service badge of the QAIMNS on the ribbon. The other nurse appears to be  Nursing Sister of the T.F.N.S. {Territorial Forces Nursing Services}. She has a small silver letter 'T' on the corner of her cape,and there would be a TFNS service badge on a ribbon {just visible} on the other side of her cape.

Do you have a date for this photograph?




Alf McM

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Thank you so much! That's fascinating!


I think this may have been taken around 1917?

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The officer centre front has 2 pips and a stripe on his cuff so a Lieutenant. The officer on the right has what looks like an other ranks gor blimey hat.

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