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Remembered Today:

New Memorial for the WW1 dead of Co. Sligo.

Hedley Malloch

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I don't think this has been posted already. Apologies if it has.



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That's good news, Hedley. Is there any date fixed for the opening?



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I am not sure. I suppose when they get the money together.  Interesting: this is on the site:


"We have partnership funding ... from European Union’s Programme for Peace and Reconciliation (PEACE IV) Building Positive Relations grants fund"


So there is some EU money available for war memorials, provided the request is pitched in an acceptable way; that is, peace, reconciliation and education.


Terence Murphy of 2/Connaught Rangers is to be commemorated there. He was one of the eleven British soldiers hidden in Iron and subsequently executed by the Germans in Guise on 25 February 1915. His brother, Joseph, of 2/Royal Munster Fusiliers is to be remembered there, too. A Gallipoli veteran, he was killed on November 10 1917 at Poelcappelle.


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