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Lt. William Williamson Yeats ASC


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Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me a little bit of help?

I have the medals of Lt. William Williamson Yeats ASC b. 1894, who was godfather to my grandfather's brother (long story).

I would appreciate any further information about him. (His mother's maiden name was Williamson, hence his second name)

He was resident at Rowton, near Chester, I think that his father, James John Yeats b.1868 also served.

I'm hoping to trace any descendants to let them have the medals, it would be nice if I can provide some more information.



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Hi Ricko


His service records are at Kew https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C747594 You either need to visit or hire a researcher to copy them for you. The one I use is very reasonable cost wise and very efficient. https://www.arcre.com/  There are others available, whatever you do don't ask TNA to copy it that will be very expensive.


Good luck with your search



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