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I'm researching the story of Capt Reginald Montague Partridge, OBE, RD, RNR, who was a transport officer at Dieppe 1915-19. For his services there he was made a Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur, as well as Officer of the Order of the British Empire. I believe Dieppe was used as a minor base from December 1914 onwards, particularly for supplies of small arms ammunition, forage and flour. However, finding out any further about the way the port was used is proving very difficult. Can anyone help? And does anyone have info on Capt Partridge, who was a lieut-commander for  most of his time at Dieppe.

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His RNR records are here:-



The Royal Marine Labour Corps had over 300 men working in the docks at Dieppe (compared with 1,100+ at Dunkirk and 700+ at both Boulogne and Calais, 900+ at Le Havre and 550+ at Rouen). The numbers probably give a measure of the relative levels of shipping activity.



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Thanks for the helpful observation about the Labour Corps. I have Partridge's service record from TNA. I was just hoping that someone might have picked up extra info somewhere, especially a photo. He was appointed a first grade transport officer at Dieppe in September 1915. By late 1918, apparently while still holding his post at Dieppe, he was Naval Transport Officer in charge at La Rochelle, Rochefort and Tonnay Charente. In September 1919 he became Senior Naval Officer and Naval Transport Officer in charge of the British Naval Transport Office at Dieppe.

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