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Henry Rooney R Highlanders


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I am researching this soldier who I believe died at home from wounds received.

His number was 15302 he later transferred to the labour corps number 3373.

I tried to find his name on the war graves site but no luck.

I think he may be buried at home in Glasgow  he did come from  Partick.

Any help filling in some gaps would be much appreciated.

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This appears to be your man


Effects records show died of wounds Aldershot 12/2/18. Unit given as 6 Labour Company. Gratuity looks to have gone to his sisters. Gratuity £8 which I believe service reckons from circa April 1916

SDGW list on Ancestry states previously Formerly 24639, R. Scots???? He could have served in Royal Scots just in UK. Needs further research. Born and lived in Partick. Enlisted Glasgow.

Have located census refs based on his sister's names. In Partick in 1901 and 1891.

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Looking at Effect record again it is Mother Ellen. Sisters Catherine (referred to as Kate in 1901 census) Rogers. Margaret (referred to as Maggie in 1891 census) Gunn - married names I assume. 1891 implies others but only looking at transcription


As at 1891

Mary 19

Catherine 14

Ellen 11

Maggie 9

Sarah 6

Annie 1

Henry only boy 4


As at 1901 only

Kate 25

Ellen 23

Henry 15

3 chaps in early 20s and a Henry G Rooney aged 1.


In 1901 Henry is described as Message Boy Grocer.

Think I have 1881 record as well. Ellen, mother and daughter are referred to as Helen. Mary and Catherine are there. 

Father Henry is in 1881 and 1891 returns but gone by 1901. 


It should be noted 12th BW was a Labour Battalion. Longlongtrail says:

12th (Labour) Battalion
Formed in Blairgowrie in May 1916. Moved to France June 1916. In April 1917 it became the 5th and 6th Labour Coys of the Labour Corps.


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