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Remembered Today:

Loos Sept 2019


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I plan to visit Lens and the Loos battlefields on Thursday 26th and morning of 27th September to honour my great uncle who was killed, MIA, Sept 27th 2015 somewhere between Chalk Hill pit and Bois Hugo. Do others usually go at this time of year and is there a commemoration of sorts ? 

many thanks

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It all depends on what you want.  I have attended formal commemorations on the appropriate anniversary as well as private visits to Scenes of Action at a date out side the anniversary date.  My experience is that on an 'official' celebration you become a part of the audience that makes the anniversary a 'significant' event for the TV but will inevitably mean that an average joe - like you and me- will spend a lot of time waiting for the great and the good.  There will be restrictions on access- perhaps onerous -  and tiresome security restrictions that are likely to include restrictions on what you can carry in to the formal programme of events.  But our attendance as members of the public at such events is essential to the dissemination of the history to the wider world


I have just returned from a private visit to Loos with a father and son who wanted to visit a relative who is only a name on the wall at Dud Corner but we were able to follow where he went on 13 October thanks to the Official History Maps and contemporary trench maps.  We had the time to ascertain the final location and for the relatives to reflect and memorialise.  No speeches, no distractions.


It is your decision - but for a private moment my personal view is that a private visit suits me better: but I am very much of the view that whether you choose a private moment or a public ceremony is your choice.  What is important of course, is to remember

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I'm always out there. On the 25th a small very informal act of remembrance is held at Lone Tree. Last year, it was just me and my husband but some years there's up to 10 people. 



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if you have time visit a museum ( by appointment)


see a website




gilles loos sur les traces de la grande guerre

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Thankyou for your replies. It is my intention to trace where my great uncle fell, as it is there that I will thank him for his bravery and his sacrifice. This will of course be a personal and private moment.

I am acutely aware that Robert lies alongside so many of his fellow countrymen and my question was more to ascertain how best to respect their sacrifice as well as his.

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