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Royal garrison artillery

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Could anyone recommend any books on the royal garrison artillery

Ive looked on eBay and military press and can’t seem to find anything 

Is that a defining book on the subject.

Thanks in advance 

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Two to start with if you are just looking for WW1 information:

General Sir Martin Farndale,

History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. Western Front 1914-1918.

History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. The forgotten Fronts and the Home base, 1914-1918



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There were Mountain Batteries in India which were part of the Royal Garrison Artillery, where the gunners were British. There were also Mountain Batteries where the gunners were Indian which were, as I understand the situation, part of the Indian Army, but ultimately were under the control of the Royal Artillery, probably the RGA.

There is a book 

Tales of the Mountain Gunners: an Anthology compiled by those who served with them and edited by C. H. T. MacFetridge and J. P. Warren. Edinburgh : Blackwood, 1973. Second edition, with amendments 1974, which may be the preferred edition.


From the  following link, comment by Muerrisch


"I cannot recommend too highly "Tales of the Mountain Gunners". It is simply enthralling, moving, funny, inspiring and wonderful. It would be in my top 10 books never to part with".





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Uncle George

“ ... The eagles is screamin' around us, the river's a-moanin' below,
We're clear o' the pine an' the oak-scrub,
we're out on the rocks an' the snow,
An' the wind is as thin as a whip-lash what carries away to the plains
The rattle an' stamp o' the lead-mules --
the jinglety-jink o' the chains -- 'Tss! 'Tss!
For you all love the screw-guns . . .”

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