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Quarry Cemetery, Montauban


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Does anyone have an image of the Special memorials on the northern side of this cemetery? Do they include names or just indications of how many men are covered?
I beleive that at least one of the men is now named on Thiepval hence the CWGC database does not indicate him in this cemetery?

Secondly if anyone can decode the map reference in the concentration document for Rev F. H. TUKE,  shown in the CWGC website showing that when the ground under the cross bearing his name was checked no body was found,  Hpefully the decode will match one of the concentrated cemeterys described in the CWGC description of Montauban, it would be appreciated.

and finally, if any one has an image of either the Chaplains Dept on Thiepval (pier 4C) or the memorial in the Aldershot Garrison Church showing TUKE's name it would be very much appreciated


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I have images of the memorials and will post later when I can get to the hard drive should no one else post in the meantime 



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Hi Pete,


Alas  I do not have images of all the Kipling Memorial Headstones but I think it quite clear referencing through CWGC documents that none are named to Rev Tuke,  I cannot find the 53rd Inf Bde WD for the period but the 8th Norfolk and 6th Berkshire diaries place the brigade in the location of 57c S28. on the 18/19th July 1916. The CoG Report  doc 2330610 tells us that the cross found at 57c S28.d.7.9 (I believe d.79. is a typo) and was an unregistered cross, other crosses found on the same report at very similar locations can be seen as GRU registered. All these crosses were removed and placed in the then Memorial Plot at Quarry Cemetery. I believe that because no body was found under the unregistered cross to Rev Tuke the cross was eventually removed from the cemetery as it did not meet the criteria for a Special Memorial and so his name appears on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing. There are several Unknowns recovered from S28 buried in Quarry Cemetery and several more at Bernafey Wood British Cemetery, I haven't check other cemeteries as yet. Bernafey Wood British Cemetery (57c S28.b.7.9) is the closest location to where the cross was found. Bernafey Wood North Cemetery (57c S23.c.0.3) was concentrated to the former after the Armistice, I can find no other registered cemetery in the location of S28. Green Dump Cemetery (57c S16.c.9.4), Quarry Scottish Cemetery (57c S22.c.0.6)






The headstones behind contain no graves beneath and are know as Special Memorial E see below


Special Memorials are CWGC headstones which look the same as the usual ones but which do not sit over an actual grave. They have a superscription across the top denoting their purpose.

They commemorate men who are buried in the cemetery but whose exact location is unknown or those buried in a grave in another cemetery which is now lost or is unmaintainable.

The list is as below...

Sp. Mem. A "Buried elsewhere in this cemetery"

Sp. Mem. B "Believed to be buried in this cemetery"

Sp. Mem. C "Buried near this spot"

Sp. Mem. D "Believed to be............"

Sp. Mem. E This is known as a Kipling Memorial -

The Kipling Memorial headstone is so called because the quotation from the Apocrypha (Ecclesiasticus 44, verse 13) "THEIR GLORY SHALL NOT BE BLOTTED OUT" which appears on the headstone was chosen by Rudyard Kipling. These headstones commemorate casualties whose graves in a particular cemetery were destroyed or who were known to be buried in a particular cemetery but the exact whereabouts within the cemetery were not recorded.

Sp. Mem. F "Buried in ................ Cemetery (or Churchyard)"

There can be variations in the wording (eg 'Chapelyard' instead of 'Churchyard'). Types E and F are to be found in a nearby cemetery to the one in which the actual grave was known to be located. (forum member Terry Denham)



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