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Imperial Camel Corps Brigade MG unit


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Hi all,


Can anyone tell me the history of the ICCB MG unit? I have heard of two units the 265 (Camel) MG Sqn and the 26 (Scottish Horse) MG Sqn. Are these the same unit or did the former become the latter and if so when did this happen?


Thank you


Best regards,



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They are the same unit.


265 (Camel) MG Company was I believed formed for the Camel Bde and the 26 (Scottish Horse) MG Sqn was its name when part of the Desert Mounted Corps


I record the as;


20-3-17  265 MG Co (26 MG Sqn) under Maj Millar (6 officers 120 men 8xVickers MGs) arrived ICC bde


The unit was formed from the Scottish Horse in Egypt , this Regt povided a large number of men to the Camel Corps both for the 7th Company and the MG Company.


I still have not confirmed the men and officers in this company, while I have a around 220 + men from the three Regts of the Scottish Horse?


When did the change happen, well so far I dont know or confirm in the known Camel Corps records, all I do know is the unit was the 265 MG Co when posted to the Camel Bde, when the Camel Bde became part of the DMC, the name now appears as the 26 MG Sqn, as its shown around Oct 1917  the Battle of 3rd Gaza?



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Hi Steve,

Thank you for that info, that's cleared that up, very much appreciated.

Best regards,


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