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sgt. yost


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:mellow: I'm new to the board and have much interest in WWl as my late grandfather served in 4th brigade; 6th reg. his name Clarence H. Yost. He received the silver star near Blanc Mont and had citations from Petain's office; a citation for valor from Gen. Lejeune(sp)  also received the Croix de Guerre. I have received his records from the depot in St. Louis. He also served in the Nicaraguan campaigns against Sandanistas. also stationed at Shangai in the 30s. His Silver Star citation stated he," aided greatly in taking an enemy position under the most deadly machine gun fire while inflicting heavy casualties and holding this position"  Does anyone know I can find exactly what he did at this battle? I still have his 6th regiment gold ring; he had the habit of rubbing it until it was almost unreadable; the Corp was his life! Many thanks to all of our veterans today and past wars.

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Hello Stephen, 

Firstly, welcome to the forum.

Sadly I don't know a lot about the USA side of things WW1, but thank you for sharing the story of your Grandfather, a very brave man!

Is there a chance of seeing a photo of his ring please, no problems if not, what a lovely thing to have!

I think maybe you should change the title of your post a bit, maybe add his Regiment and tag in USMC, I assume he was Marine Corp?? This may attract more attention 

Hope this helps 




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Hi, and welcome. Chris is right, amending the thread title might well attract the experts. Good luck.


Cheers, Pat

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