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Karl Bauer, SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm

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After reading the recent threads and articles on the web regarding the scuttling of the High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow , I wondered who the dead German Sailors were. It seems as though the accepted number of dead is 9. The CWGC records 8 German dead as a result of the shootings https://www.cwgc.org/find/find-war-dead/results/?cemetery=LYNESS+ROYAL+NAVAL+CEMETERY&tab=wardead&fq_servedwithliteral=German


Karl Bauer is the only one not accounted for. He is recorded by the VDK as being buried at Lyness Royal Navy Cemetery and also appears on a list from the ZNB in 1928 but oddly enough without a grave number https://www.scapaflow1919.com/lyness-cemetery/ . He does not appear in any casualty list. There are 16 named German graves and two German unknowns from WW2 in the cemetery.


So what happened to Karl Bauer, was he really killed and buried at Lyness or was his name on the German cemetery list a mistake and the mistake has been repeated and repeated so often that it has become a „fact“? The German list, I presume, was based on information supplied to them by the British.







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