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Remembered Today:

Late production Mk I helmet with sponge rubber crown


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With other posts on British helmets I thought that this may be of interest. Maker "HS"  Hadfields Steel 











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This is the first helmet photo that I have seen with the rubber crown intact.

I would expect it to be pretty crumbly by now---is it?

Also, was it made with the asbestos pad that the early production helmets have?

Anyway, a nice-looking survivor!




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Yes the rubber is crumbly and I am very careful of it. It does not appear to have the asbestos pad but I am not prepared to pry it up to look properly so this is not a definitive answer. THe revised design of the head band using woven hessian is also interesting.



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It is a sponge/foam rubber. You will also see foam rubbers used in various British gas goggles and in the PHG anti-gas hood/gasmask. Also various armour goggles has a backing of a foam rubber.  There were definitely multiple foam rubber products in use during WW1.


If you look at the references in the Wikipedia article, the Dunlop Patent of 1929 #US1929603 is for an improved process in the manufacture of a foam rubber, to produce a superior product and makes reference to the existing products.



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