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U.S. 40th Division.


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I.am researching my grandfather's time in France in this unit. Actually he was in the 115th trans. They were organic to the 40th. I have tried to contact the 40th museum but they are closed due to the state of California needing funds for it. So I am at a stand still and hope someone has some info about the 115th. They were called the Colorado vols  they were originally infantry and when they got overseas to France they were changed to a trans unit. But what they did in France is where I get lost.  So if you have any ideas or suggestions  please let me know.. Thank you


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http://www.scharch.org/Ray_Baer/40th Div Order_of_Battle.htm

That relates to one man but actually seems to provide a good summary up to the armistice. So it became the 6th Depot Division


Seen this ref in several places:

When the division arrived in France in August 1918, the German Army had just completed a series of offensives that started on 21 March and ended on 15 July 1918. It was decided that the new divisions would be used as depot divisions, supplying fresh troops to the more experienced combat divisions.[3] By the end of the war, the 40th Division had provided over 27,000 replacements to the 26th, 28th, 32nd, 77th, 80th, 81st, 82nd, and 89th Divisions. Thus the division as a whole did not serve in combat, but many division personnel fought, notably Captain Nelson Miles Holderman, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. The division returned to the United States on 30 June 1919 where it was deactivated.


This seems to fit in with the history provided in the link. He would appear to have been in a permanent part of the Division rather than used as a reinforcement for combat divisions; but that is only a guess. The destruction of the records in the 1970s means impossible to be sure

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