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CWGC help needed from us


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as someone who vists many graves in France I have commented on how well many are kept up together by the Commission and local churches. I have also commented on other threads on the forum regarding the state of some local English graves. now, CWGC are looking for our assistance in updating the conditions of many small cemeteries we find.

hopefully this will improve some that have been commented on by others.


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Cleaning graves and cemeteries is quite good exercise in the fresh air, with no membership fees, and can even prompt one to reflect on matters that might not otherwise be considered in the daily rush to gratification.  I heartily recommend it, though haven't done any yet this year.


And who knows, maybe some of those who volunteer will be inspired to actually visit and renovate the graves of those thanks to whom they exist at all?

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Already sent an application form in, rather do something instead of criticising, have been informed they will take a further fortnight to get back in contact with me.



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My application is in, awaiting response.


Permission to excitedly shout ‘hurrah’ sir!

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Unfortunately not in my area yet (South East) but I am a 'Friend' of my local small cemetery which is closed and kept locked (state of society eh?) and only friends have access two afternoons a week but others can enter while Friends are in there.  Looking at the map there are 8 CWGC graves in there so I will have a look next time I am in and see what state they are in and what I can do.

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Friends of Teign Cemetery have recently undertaken a CWGC project and produced an information panel.




I had a quick look around and snapped an image of the CWGC stone to Cornelius and noticed his rank is given as Privat. I checked with an older photo I took some years ago and clearly his stone has been replaced for the one giving his rank as Private.




Some of the entries on the above panel are actually non-CWGC memorials i.e. private stones. E.G. Goodman.


There are of course the other class of memorials to those who fell and have no known grave but are still commemorated on private stones, tricky one to research without checking every grave!




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