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Photographs taken aboard HMT Menonimee in 1917


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17 minutes ago, stirrer said:

These photos are in my grandfather's album and were taken on board his ship "Menominee".   I assume the group of officers are POWs as they appear to be carrying no sidearms?1486904073_GreekorBulgarianOfficersOfficersPOWs..jpg.5e3b68dab9043605fce16ee0cdcea8db.jpg

Greek Highlander.jpg

Greek Highlander 2..jpg

Greek prisoners.jpg



Hi, I think those men are British officers rather than Bulgarian POWs. Two of the officers do not appear to be British, though.



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Thanks - I have researched the Atlantic Transport Line for several years,  and contributed in a small way to Jonathan Kinghorn's book "The Atlantic Transport Line, 1881-1931".  I have also compiled a rough history of the Company's ships in WW1 from various sources including to a great extent bits and pieces from contributors to TTGWF.

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Hopefully someone can comment upon the uniform being worn by the men second and third from left, and the man on the far right. Perhaps they are Bulgarian officers being chaperoned by British officers, or are they Greeks fratenising with their British counterparts?

Of the men assembled on deck, wearing life preservers, one of them looks Austro-Hungarian in appearance, in light coloured uniform and wearing a Bergmütze peaked field cap.

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