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Remembered Today:

Employment of Women, Western Front, 26 June 1918


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101 YEARS AGO TODAY:  Employment of Women on the Western Front, 26 June 1918.  Women carpenters working at the Tarrant Hut Workshops, 3 miles from Calais, 26 June 1918.  General Herbert Plumer, Commander of the 2nd Army, presenting Military Medals to nurses for bravery after their hospital was bombed from the air on 19 May 1918, and again on 31 May/June 1, 1918.  A former London double-decker bus (B.2125), camouflage painted, used as a travelling loft for carrier-pigeons, Pernes, 26 June 1918.  Construction work at the Locomotive Depot at Rang-du-Fliers, 26 June 1918.  Bristol F.2B Fighter biplanes flying over Serny Aerodrome on their way to the German lines, 26 June 1918.

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Thanks for posting. The women were employees of W G Tarrant Ltd sent out from England.  Walter George Tarrant was a noted builder of luxury houses in the south of England and was responsible for, amongst other things. the development of the St George's Hill and Wentworth estates. His company also produced the Tarrant Tabour tri-plane bomber. Unfortunately, this crashed a Farnborough when the aircraft nose dived just as it was about to leave the ground. The two pilots, Captain P Townley Rawlings DFC and Captain Frederick Dunne AFC were both killed.


The women incidentally, were not entitled to any medals.



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