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Remembered Today:

German attack at the Mound (Sint Elooi) on 14/2/1915


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To the right is the Lehmhügel, on the left the "Ziegelhaufen" (pile of bricks).



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On 11/10/2021 at 15:30, mebu said:

Hello Jan, yes I know that there are/were some small brick factories (same as in UK) however what I find surprising is the height of the Mound- seems to be at least the height of the houses and tall trees. For a small scale operation this would require either tall conveying machinery or similar, very difficult by manual labour. From a construction point of view, very odd.

Also odd that the British chose to use the name for the general area of the 45m contour.

You say you have a German pic of the site? Would you be willing to post it?

It's a shame that Eddy's lovely pic doesn't show slightly more to the south.



I know it’s been a long time since anyone posted on this thread but the nature of research being ongoing as new inspiration comes to us I thought I would share a map that I found in the 81st Brigade WD for January 1915 which describes both  a 45’ high large area ,indicated by the dash dot line, and a smaller feature as being the Mound. It also shows a brick heap. This leads me to think that the mound referred to in the WDs that describe the German mining and attack of 14/3/15 is actually the spoil heap or brick heap located on top of a larger topographic feature also described as the mound on some maps. Confusing?




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