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East Yorkshire Regiment Charles Edward Newton RQMS


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I am seeking any information regarding my grandfather Charles Edward (Ted) Newton.

His regiment was East Yorkshire and his number was 6854 (MFC8087?).

I understand that he was based on Lichfield - Whittington barracks.

His rank on leaving the regiment, January 1923 (?), was Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant.

I know that he served for a time in Ireland, North or South I do not know.

I have a photograph of him with 4 other NCOs but not sure which one he is. (Please see attached).

I would be very pleased for any information in particular where he served during his service.

He lived in Dudley on leaving the army and I know that he welcomed many homeless man into his home with food etc., as he knew that many of them were ex soldiers who could not find employment after the war.


Grandad Newton 001.jpg

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Welcome to the forum

The MFC number is an administrative reference to the papers on FMP

His Army number was 6854, he was renumbered 4334020 when all soldiers were renumbered after the war.  Up until that date soldiers were given a regimental number after that date they were given an individual number. https://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/soldiers/a-soldiers-life-1914-1918/new-british-army-numbers-issued-in-1920/


As he served beyond 1920 you should be able to obtain his record, for a fee of £30 from the MOD Veterans Agency



The medal roll on Ancestry shows he served with the 13th and 1st Battalion but did not go overseas until after 31 December 1915.  Ireland was a 'home posting' therefore no entitlement to medals for any service there.


A uniform expert will no doubt be along soon but I believe the RQMS is the man seated in the centre of your photograph.  The man to his left was probably a Company QMS you would need to date the photograph more accurately to confirm which one is your grandfather (do you have any photos of him after his service?).


I posted a link above to a specific page of the Long Long Trail I suggest you have a good look around that site especially the information on researching a soldier.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you Ken.

I will follow your advice. 

I'm not sure when the photograph was taken but pretty certain that the man in the centre is not him looking at older photographs. Perhaps this was taken prior to his RQMS rank.

thank you again.



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If he was an RQMS when the photo was taken, he is probably the man on the right, who seems to have the right sleeve badge. He would not be either of the two men on the left, who are wearing sergeants' stripes.



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