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Death Certificate - Is there a WW 1 military equivalent?


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I'm researching Charles Murison (particulars below) and have a question relating documentation of his death.


David Murison (Reg. No. 434298) joined the 50th Battalion C.E.F., on 19 January 1915 at Calgary, Alberta.
He was fatally wounded on a re-supply mission in Belgium (with the 10th Battalion at the time) and died at No. 10 Casualty Clearing Station on 16 April, 1916.
I have been able to get his full military records from the Library and Archives Canada and have located him being recorded as a casualty in the War Diaries. 


Is there an equivalent of a Death Certificate for C.E.F. military personnel who died in action?

If there is, I'd appreciate any guidance in locating it.

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I understand that official  death certificates could be obtained  on application, for casualties of the C..E.F

to settle an estate, for  probate purposes ect


Following is an example 




If one was issued and survived 

it is most likely to be in the possession of a decendent



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Thank you fellows. I found the casualty cards. That will have to do. As a descendant of David Murison, I'm pretty sure that there is no certificate of the type shown.

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good morning,


thank' for the link.





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