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C.E.F. Soldier S.O.S. per "Rule 9" - Meaning?

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I am reviewing the Attestation Paper number 272 for Thomas Baird Murison, signed 12 January 1915 at Calgary, Alberta.

There is a handwritten annotation across the form reading;





Reason not stated

Rule 9



He has a second Attestation Paper number 735078 signed 4 May 1915 at Calgary, Alberta. 

There is a handwritten annotation across the form reading;


50th Battn. Draft


I should note that he had previously served with a military force. I managed to find the records for the "Royal Canadian Mounted Rifles", which later became the "Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)". Here are the details, in case it affects the answer to the question.

   T.O.S. Royal Canadian Mounted Rifles on 20 December 1906

   S.O.S. Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) on 7 June 1909 (Reason: "Purchase" )


Can someone help me understand the meaning of "Rule 9" as it applies to his initial attestation? 

It appears to have had a bearing on the reason for his being S.O.S. and re-attesting.

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