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French prisoner of war, possibly aviator

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I am trying to identify the prisoner of war responsible for a pencil sketch of a German airplane being shot down, that was produced in Weilburg POW Camp on 7th March 1916. The sketch is accompanied by an inscription in French which suggests that the artist was himself French, and the picture is of a German plane that has just been shot down (no markings), which leads me to suspect that the artist was also an aviator. The sketch was given as a gift to a British aviator, also imprisoned at Weilburg.


Scan of the artist's signature attached. A French friend tells me he thinks the first letter in the surname is "D" and that the surname possibly reads Dareutz, Daruetz or Darauctz. However, the first letter could also be "F", in which case the name is possibly Fareutz, Faruetz or Farauctz.


I have spent hours checking the Red Cross French POW index cards, and not been able to find a suitable candidate. 


Does anyone have a list of French prisoners at Weilburg for March 1916 that might allow the artist to be identified or alternatively, a list of French aviators taken pow during WW1?

Scan 3.pdf

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