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Warship mag aircraft errata

James A Pratt III

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Warship Magazine has some pictures ect that could do with some updating

Warship 2015 Naval war in the Adriatic Pt 1 1914-1916 page 167 the aircraft pictured is a hansa Brandenberg W 13 looks like K.307 on 27 Sept 1917 is was forced down by engine trouble and the crew of 2 was taken POW

Warship 2016 naval War in the Adriatic 1917-1918 Pt 2 page 65 the plane pictured looks like another Hansa Brandenberg W 13 could be K 383 shot down by AA fire on 13 Mar 1918 with the crew of 3 being taken POW

Warship 2017 From Elba to Europa mentions a 16 July 1917 air raid on Durazzo "33 bombs hit target" "significantly effecting enemy operations against Italian forces for a considerable period of time. The Austrians report "1 Haus schwer and 1 leicht beschadigt" ( 1 house heavy 1 light damage)


sources Die KUK Seeflieger

Seaplanes of Bocche

Windsock Datafile 119 Hansa Brandberg W.13


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Its years since lve perused Warship but l used to marvel at how they could accurately identify

battleships down to the individual turret but were downright hopeless at naming a plane if it was sitting on top of a turret.

Sopwith Camels were Pups , 1 1/2 Strutters were Camels , Pups were Camels etc

How could they get one piece of kit spot on and be rubbish at the "easy" items like a Sopwith?


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