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74 Battery, Royal Field Artillery 1918 onwards


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Good day to you all, this a further request for assistance and advice; I have bee kindly assisted in the past by MaxD and Chris/clk in respect of my Grandfather James McTearney. My Grandfather re-attested in 1919 and was posted to the above battery (copy re-attested register). The surname appears as Tearney, however increase the page size and the Mc appears in smaller lettering. I have submitted the required documentation to MoD requesting a copy of his military record and await a reply. I have tried tracing the battery, reasonable in current history but nothing other that part of the 2nd Indian Division in the period sought. Any assistance or advice is graciously sought. Sincerely Mike.  

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The RA Museum at Larkhill is now able to field queries of that sort.  Contact at enquiries@RoyalArtileryMuseum.com.  Caveat - until you see his record, you can't be sure he remained with 74 Battery through his 2 years or indeed whether he extended his service beyond the 2 years with them or another unit.



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