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An Order of Al Nahda to the IARO

Kimberley John Lindsay

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Dear All,

In my search for an Image of George William Page Fulcher (also shown as G. W. Fulcher), IARO, I was kindly beamed a 1915 Planters' Association notice by Noel (in Melbourne).

This showed Lieut. G. W. Fulcher, juxtaposed with Capt. Douglas Colin Rowland Hindley.

Noel followed this up with a "Whitstable Times" clipping, which showed that Major D. C. R. Hindley (with a DSO), had apparently shot himself in October 1931, in Chelsea...

Hindley was one of only 32 officers to receive the Third Class of the Order of Al Nahda (Hijaz) - and the only one who was Indian Army Reserve of Officers (IARO). 

I failed to find a reference to a DSO for Hindley, however.

2139711107_PlantersAssociation19152LtFulcher.jpg.420055b28665cea1a32c1366a6f440ef.jpgimage002.jpg.780327e4a0abbeb7c11f53635f1eb1b9.jpgPerhaps a GWF member knows more...?

Kindest regards,


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Another ref to Hindley's death, courtesy Findmypast, Liverpool echo 28/9/31. No mention of DSO




The result of the inquest was reported at some length in the Scotsman here

Again no mention of DSO

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Dear Charlie,

Good work! The DSO was spurious, then.

The tall Major Douglas Colin Rowland Hindley, IARO, was interestingly ADC to FM Viscount E. H. H. Allenby (who was also big in stature). The latter was, unsurprisingly, awarded the highest class (With Brilliants) of the Order of Al Nahda (London Gazette 8 March 1920).

The "Liverpool Echo" report gives us the whole sorry story of the obviously gallant - despite no DSO - and capable Major Hindley... 

Does any GWF member have a photo of one or more of the former Nilgiri (Blue Mountains) planters?

Kindest regards,


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