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Pte Frederick Charles Foskett

Terry Carter

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Pte Frederick Charles Foskett, Chatham/2182 (S), from Sparkhill, Birmingham, died on 17 September 1917 and is buried at St Pol.

Looking at the 'Long,Long Trail' website I see that the 1st Royal Marine Bn served in 188th Brigade of the 63rd (Royal Naval) Division.

Has any forum member got any further info on this soldier and what the battalion was doing around the time of his death.

Thanks very much


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I think they were either on the brink of attacking, or had started the fight for Varlet Farm near Tyne Cot. The site of which is now owned by our fellow PAL, Charlotte Cardoen-Deschamps, who farms the land and is incredibly helpful on all things RND relating to the Farm.

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17 Sept 1917 fell into relatively quiet time described by historian Captain Christopher Page thus, “The time between Gavrelle and Passchendaele was spent reorganising, followed by spells in the Front Line in the Gavrelle area.”

Jerrold gives no more than this either.

If you ever get to Kew then the look-up should be WO95/3110

the 188th Infantry Brigade, RM 1st & 2nd Battalions War Diary, May 1916 to April 1919

Pat Francis used it when writing her chapter ‘Hard Work and Short Rations’ in her father’s biography ‘A Quiet Life.’ She has nothing specific on the date or man which you are interested in however the following brief extract may help build a picture for you

“At this time the RND had not yet moved to the Ypres salient. They were still near Gavrelle on the Arras front, which had its own miseries. In early August, we still find diary entries such as ‘Normal trench routine. Situation quiet. 2 Wounded & 1 killed’, followed next day by ‘Normal routine. Weather bad during afternoon.’ [War Diary entries for 10 & 11 August] It was an unusually wet August. A break in the routine of being constantly either in the front line, in reserve, or in support, mostly in wet trenches, came on 22 September when they moved to Bailleul aux Cornailles by bus…………….”


Michael D.R.

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Michael your post reminded me that I have notes from 1/RM war diary for this period.

First of all loads of apologies as I was thinking October and not September 1917 :ph34r: when originally replying.

On 17th September the 1/RM moved from the Support Line (Gavrelle Sector) to Beverley Camp at Roclincourt

My notes make no reference to kia or wounded for this day. Could Fosket have died from wounds sustained sometime before his death?

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