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Remembered Today:

Royal Sussex Regiment Uniform


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Hi all

I'v been asked for any information on this photo. I'm not at home at the moment could anyone fill anything on the photo.


Thank you



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No stripes, good-conduct badges or overseas service stripes evident.  New looking uniform not the 1914 economy tunic. Swagger stick to look good while walking out.  No medal ribbons suggests more pre-war or early war than post war.



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Definitely Royal Sussex most likely a service battalion as opposed to a regular battalion, as he’s wearing a leather 14 pattern belt.

This was authorised in September 14 but generally didn’t come into service until 1915 so he’s dated at 1915 or later 


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  • 8 months later...

Here Les Deacon from the Royal Sussex Regimental website.

Definitely a Service Bn.,,,,,and despite his mature looks, he is definitely, a new recruit !

How can we tell that or be so sure ?

His uniform is new.......(it has a slight surface smoothness that it only loses with time)

He is generally badly dressed & his trousers are not pressed sufficiently. He has worn them all day or slept (laid down) in them..

His belt is brand new & buff coloured, only after much brown polishing, does it go dark brown. It is only days old.

His Puttees are tied incorrectly & would not pass an inspection..

Inside his Puttees, his Trousers are wrongly tucked, which makes them look "bunched".

Tailoring - It is easy to imagine that his hat & tunic could well be,one size too small.

He has worn his boots all day....they would now, not pass a morning inspection or the inspection for checking out to leave camp.

(I wore this wool serge uniform for two years at IJLB)

You can check the authenticity of my answer by visiting my uniform studies at  https://theorangelily.jimdo.com/




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9 hours ago, Leslie Deacon said:

His belt is brand new & buff coloured, only after much brown polishing, does it go dark brown. It is only days old.



The Infantry Equipment, Pattern 1914 when introduced was to be "stained as near as possible to the colour of service dress".


This practice was shortlived, and possibly not universally adopted, as very, very few green-stained pieces of 1914 Pattern are known. I have had some, and the substrate colour - where the staining has worn off - is brown.


When the pattern was revised in the New Year and spring of 1915, the pattern stated "Future supplies of these articles will be "London Brown" instead of "Service Dress" colour", as is usally encountered.


The 1888/ 1891 Valise Pattern waistbelt was supplied in the buff, before whitening, yet this belt is not that.





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Hi Roy

most likely a service battalion bloke and there is no way of knowing if he’s a new recruit or not.

GT is absolutely spot on with regards to the 14 pattern belt and even the ‘London Brown’ varies massively due to different manufacturers and how it reacts with the leather after the tanning process. Uniforms were seldom tailored during the period except of WO’s , puttees should be V end pointing to the rear on the outside of the leg however there’s a wealth of images out there including pre war where puttees are not in the right place even on the more exclusive regiments. Boots were not bulled during the period and is a post war.

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That’s an excellent rendition Kev, well done.  The only constructive improvement I can suggest would be to make the puttees a different shade to the uniform.  There are plenty of colour images online of contemporary puttees to guide you.

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Thank you. It's only now that you mention it that I see the issue with the puttees!!  Constructive critisism is always welcome - I shall bear that in mind in future.


Kev Loughnane.

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an excellent job

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