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Did the 4th dorset battilion serve in France?

J w mims

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Hello i am researching a Dorsetshire Officer who was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the 4th battilion Dorsetshire regiment. He was killed in action in france Sept 27 1918. He was a lcrp in the 1/5 london brigade before his commison. The soldiers mame is Harlod Dickman Mims #1118. I am confused what i have found online is that the 4th Dorsetshire Battilion was not serving in France during the Great War can anyone fill me in on this? I am posting his medal card if anyone can help with reading the info on it.


Thanks for your help,

James Mims



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This officer has a service file at the National Archives but it is not yet digital so needs to be read there,or a copy paid for.


You are likely to see his service papers for both Other Rank (1/5 Londons) and Officer time.

I note from the War Grave records that your subject is shown as part of 34 Infantry Brigade HQ, but this has been crossed out and 4 Dorsets substituted. I then saw that 5 Dorsets were a part of 34 Infantry Brigade, so this may be your answer. The file should tell you the answer.

The records on Ancestry UK for his effects and SDGW entry also give him as with 4 Battalion, which you may have seen was in Mesopotamia at the time !

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The March 1918 Monthly Army List shows 2nd Lt. H.D Mims with seniority from the 25th October 1916. He was on the establishment of the 4th Battalion but attached to the 5th. The entry above his on the list is for a 2nd Lieutenant L.N. Vicary, same seniority date and also 4th Battalion attached 5th.


If you have access to Ancestry then it might be worth while checking out the 34th Infantry Brigade War Diary. This will also contain a copy of the War Diaries of all the units that made up the Brigade, including the 5th Dorsets - however looking at a summary of the Battalions War History it doesn't look like he was killed with the 5th Dorsets on the 27th September 1918 so more likely he was Brigade Staff.

https://www.keepmilitarymuseum.org/public/files/5th Bn Dorset R 1914-19 - word for web.pdf


If you don't have Ancestry access then the relevant chunk of the Brigade War Diary is held at the National Archive under reference WO 95/1819/3 and covers from the 1st September 1918 to the 31st March 1919. The current price for downloading a copy from there is £3.50.



Do you also have his 1919 Probate Calendar entry - although that too lists him as 4th Dorsets!



Hope that helps,


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Thanks so much i find it very interesting and will follow up on all tge leads and info you stated in your relpy.


Thanks agian,

James Mims

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