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Need help with Gew71 unit marking


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Just picked up a model 1871 Mauser dated 1877 with “BLR 4 39 1” on the butt plate. Any assistance on these unit marks would be greatly appreciated! It carries the crown over “L” for Ludwig II of Bavaria. Thanks in advance.....Wil


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'Tis indeed as SS stated, for the Bavarian Lieb Regiment. What he forgot to add was that this - as an 1877 example, it must be one of the first Gew.71 they adopted for service use! A brief review is at https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/237061-bayonets-for-the-bavarian-werder-69-nm/


This is also marked according to the then current Bavarian marking system, indicating it was issued on receipt by the Bavarian army immediately to the regiment. Markings for this unit as used later for the Gew.98, etc., were simply, e.g.. "B.L.X.XX'"


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