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Need help interpreting officer's career

David Earley

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As part of my researches into Lieutenant Stanley James Young, who was killed at Stamford on 23 December 1917 following an aerial condition, I need help understanding his career path.




As the above extract from his records at TNA show, he was appointed Second Lieutenant on 22 July 1916 and sent to Christ's Church College, Oxford for instruction.




If I'm reading it correctly, his service record shows that he joined 27RS (Reserve squadron?) on 22/8/1916 and then, on 4/10/1916 was transferred to 28 Squadron at RAF Gosport.

He was promoted to Flying Officer on 8/2/1917 and a week later transferred to EF18 (Expeditionary Force?) squadron.

On 29/8/1917 he was transferred to "Home establishment". What does that mean?

On 3/10/1917 he joined a Testing Squadron. What was that?

I can't decipher what happened next, on the various dates in October 1917. Can someone enlighten me? Does that say 9 Training squadron?

The last entry refers to his death. What are the words before Stamford?



His casualty card also has the same two words before the word "Stamford".




His obituary on his school website says that he "served in France as Flying Officer for 8 months". Is that consistent with the above documents? If I'm reading all this correctly, it looks to me that he was in France from 14/2/1917 to 29/8/1917.i.e 6½ months. 


I would be most grateful for any help in understanding all this?






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His movement card whilst in France is here:


which just confirms the AIR 76 record above

27 Reserve Sq were based at Gosport as were 28Sq (Fort Rowner)

EF is the Expeditionary Force in France

18Sq were based at Bertangles in Feb 1917, moving to Baizieux 25.5.17 and La Bellvue 10.7.17

They initially operated the FE2b, getting the DH4 in Jun 1917

Home Establishment is England

Before Stamford is just the telegraphic address from where the telegram was received - Tele Aero Stamford

9 Training Squadron were at Norwich

1 Training Depot Station was at Stamford, where he became assistant instructor

He was killed in a mid air collision with 2Lt Lewington in DH6 B2656

And he was in France for 6 1/2 months

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I believe the Testing Squadron was at Martlesham Heath from January 1917 (originally Upavon) and was led by Hugh Dowding at one stage

It became the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment

ET Brigade is presumably Experimental and Testing Brigade?

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