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Casualty Lists on multiple research platforms


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Ive just become aware of a number of casualty list entries for a family relative.


I’ve been using Ancestry and Forces War Records and I’ve even signed up for The Genealogist trial but all I’ve found is a “summarised “ index record of date of listing.( see example attached)


Is there a more preferable platform that people use as I’m reluctant to pay out for more subscriptions if I’m not going to find any more details than I already  have?

Family relative was:

1859 Pte Ernest Brockless

Yorkshire Regiment 




Casualty 28:4:16.PNG

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I seem to recall that when I looked at some Casualty Lists appearing in an online newspaper, there were headings for theatre of war such as Mesopotamia,


Apart from that I don't think you will get any additional information, as what published was quite brief. However I have not used these records much, so others may advise differently.


For background information you could read the FIBIS Fibiwiki section WW1 Casualty Lists (part of the page British Army)





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I see he has three Casualty List hits on The Genealogist. Quite why you get acces to the original for Oct 16 but not for April or Nov 1916 I don't know but it is annoying. These three hits are actually from the lists printed in The Times newspaper. whether they come from The Times or after Aug 1917 in The Official WO Casualty List you don't get a lot of info. Initial, Surname, Rank, Regiment is about it. Sometimes you may get place of enlistment, and whether on a gassed, shellshock or general wounded list. You don't get the type of injury, when it happened and very rarely do you get Battalion.


Find My Past also has some Casualty lists and some that The Genealogist don't have and vice verse.


British Newspaper Archive also has some.


All subscriptions unless available in Library for free. See if The Times is available?


There isn't one platform that covers all the Casualty Lists I'm afraid.


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Lancashire Libraries has access to the Times Digital Archive and I can confirm that the OCL for 28/04/1916 Yorkshire Regt - wounded shows four names:

Barnett 10749 J H, Brockless 1859 E, Ede 16291 W and Robinson 1722 J M.

Perhaps your local library has similar. The Times lists stop in 1917.


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