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Pte. Joseph Clark Beedie, RFA (what?)

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Can anyone please decipher what follows RFA (and is scored out) on Joseph Clark Beedie's attestation form?

He enlisted in Dundee under the Derby Scheme, I think.


It appears again on his record of service:


Also please can anyone explain the strange series of transfers. The transfer from 3/1 Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles to the East Kent Regiment is fairly obvious; but why the transfer from RFA to REKMR?

(Incidentally he was a waiter/ barman/ public house manager. I don't know that he had any special ability to handle horses.)


Soldier's record from FMP.




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I make it (Yeo) as in Yeomanry.  Given where he came from I'd guess at him being initially destined for the Fife and Forfar RFA Yeomanry (guesswork).


At the RFA training school he was trained as a [horse] driver and his relatively quick transfer to the Mounted Rifles suggests he showed some early skill .


He didn't attest under the Derby Scheme, he would have to have signed before 11 Dec 1915 for that.



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