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Lt J.A.Carter MC - reason for his late Croix de Guerre ?


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Researching Liverpool schoolteacher 2/Lt John Allen Carter MC of the Machine Gun Corps, he was missing from the NUT records for the Croix De Guerre, any idea what the award was for please, something more than his MC ?

Can I assume the Gazetting for his C. de G on March 17th 1920 was too late for their final print ?


This is the NUT record without Lt Carter :-



His MIC is John "Allan" Carter rather than Allen.


As a footnote there is another Lt John Allen Carter in the National Archives WO 339/11338 for the Duke of Cornwall 's L.I.

It seems to be quite muddled too, his MIC is "Allan" and cwgc record "Alan".










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It is very rare to find a recommendation or citation for foreign awards. Your best bet is the war diary of his unit, it MAY contain some info, but unlikely. I have a database of over 80,000 names of recipients for WW1, 50,000 odd are gazetted, the rest are from other sources. I have approx. 100 that I have a recommendation or citation for. Sometimes local newspapers can help.



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I see that his MC citation says MC was for Salonika, very late on.


Is it not quite possible that the French award was for the same action, 18/19th Sept 1918 ?



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  I am aware the foreign decorations were usually awarded en bloc for the British/Dominion military authorities to allocate, subject to the approval of the awarding country. It was something of an administrative cottage industry during the war- all wars have a rearguard of awards at their ends to those thought deserving, even after the shooting has finished.

     There seems to be quite a lot about this in The National Archives but it does not seem to figure much on GWF-   In particular, there seems to be some sort of register in TNA (perhaps one of several, for the different countries):


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Yes, that would be super! I am resident in sw Germany, therefore visits to such archives are seldom.

I would be interested regarding any further detail regarding Capt George Barrett Goyder, IARO and General List, who had French and Belgian awards, not to mention two Mentions in Despatches (all gazetted) as Asst Provost Marshal, 36 (Ulster) Division.

Another question mark, concerns Cecil Leonard Harland, BRC & StJJ - who was awarded the Belgian Decoration civique1769839464_CaptGeorgeBarrettGoyderVD.jpg.8dd6c2a22ebd04644e412ba2837be9e4.jpg785867006_CecilLeonardHarlandDecorationCivique.jpg.03726775b6cbff63878beca4f6c1e2d5.jpg...

Kindest regards,


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I've got a couple of the WO 338/7/* (foreign awards) files from the National Archives. They are broken down by awarding country, and sometimes include a schedule of awards (i,e. a 'head count' - no names). However, they mostly consist of images from the LG publications (with names), but no 'citations'. I vaguely recall a thread of some time ago where someone faced with the same situation contacted the relevant embassy in the UK, and they were advised to contact a certain department in the host nation. I don't remember how it ended up though. 


As an aside, the National Archives has a strange pricing structure for these records (as with some others). If you wanted to download a file in the format WO 338/7/*, they would charge you £3.50, but if you downloaded all of the WO 338/7 files it is free - see here.




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Dear Chris,

Thanks for that.

I have the sinking feeling that to hope for Citations of any kind - especially for the obscure Red Cross wallah C. L. Harland, is to hope in vain.

One thing seems certain: one had to do something outstanding to receive a decoration of any kind: these being few and far between!

Kindest regards,


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