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Capt.Purkins, Sgt.I.G.Miller, Pvt.Falstaff, etc.


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R.Binding, in his Aus dem Krieg, p.132, for 17th February 1916, mentions having 'seen with my eyes' these two men who were captured with 40 or so others at Pilkem. Anyone have any further details to help me fill out the picture, ie, their regiment?  He mentions them in connection with the 'lying English press' that had denied their capture.


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As far as I can tell there isn‘t a Pte Falstaff (or variations of the name) in the MiCs or in the ICRC database. There is an Australian Sgt IG Miller in the MiCs and ICRC database but he was captured near Hermies in Feb 1917. 



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Interesting. I have never researched Binding, and his account, albeit based on his 'Tagebüch' wasn't published until 1925, so perhaps a mix-up there as the months match? Could Hermies be described as 'West Flanders'?

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