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andrew pugh

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Are there any records surviving that can tell if the family of Sergeant 302774 James Gration who was killed on the 24/03/1918 ever received the DCM for this man.Your comments are most welcome.



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Did they receive the other ww1 medals? A local paper might give a story on the presentation so is worth checking 

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Hi Coldstreamer

Thanks for your reply.I recently put a case forward for identification for this man and the C W G C have checked their at their records and agreed that it can only be this man. It has now gone to the NAM for their scrutiny. I have been talking to a local historian where he came from and he seems to think that the award was never received. It was granted in 1917 but he was killed in March 1918. I will take your advice. Is there a department within the MOD that deal with medals that i could contact?

Once again thanks for your advice.


Andy Pugh

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You could get in contact with the MOD Medals Office at Gloucester. You will need to fill out various bits of paperwork. I will send you a PM with their e-mail address, as it's not advisable to post e-mail addresses on open forums like this.

Their postal address is:
Ministry of Defence Medal Office

Imjin Barracks


The telephone number I have seen is 0141 224 3600




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