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Directorate of Hirings, Requisition and Claims Commission


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Could any kindly soul point me at a printed source which would explain what this organisation actually did and it's history. I believe it was based at GHQ Montreuil and although the name suggests in half-measure what it did, it would be good to know for sure.

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The Directorate of Hirings and Requisitions dealt with transactions between the British Army and French civilian authorities and citizens. The Director was a major-general who was also the Chairman of the Claims Commission which presumably adjudicated on disputed claims. There are records for its WW2 successor in the National Archives:




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Hi Ron- Thanks for that.  It seems odd to me that I cannot trace any written account of this body, nor of any documentation at National Archives.   Should be something ou there-I'll have another go and report back. Dealing with our biggest neighbour when,in one sense, we were trashing their country (albeit to stop it being trashed on an even larger scale )  should have produced the odd memoir, internal history-and I cannot imagine that the British Army ever did anything without generating paperwork-esp. manuals and forms.:wub: 

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