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Cassidy Medals

Hi....I'm looking for the list of Clasps which were under consideration for the BWM....there is a Navy List and an Army list....thanks Gary

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I am no medal expert but it is my understanding from papers at the National Archive that the proposals by the two  committees that considered the clasps to the BWM in 1919, one Naval and the other Military, only published the recommendations for the Royal Navy, the Army and RAF recommendations were never published, that statement is quite old WW2 vintage so something may have come to light since.


The proposals for the Navy were approved by His Majesty in 1920 and printed in Admiralty Weekly Order 2051 of August 1920, this can be found at the National Archives under ADM 182/27 I think. No claps were actually issued but apparently they did appear on miniature medals worn by RN Officers.


I do have a copy of 2051 showing the proposed clasps, dates and services and areas for which they are to be awarded but it is 7 pages long and would take some time to reproduce here, if you can't get to Kew and only want the names on the clasps without the dates and details I could put a list on here.  Depends how much detail you are after.



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