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Training Reserve in Northampton


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One of my grandfathers was a L/Cpl with the Training Reserve at Northampton. (He had started out with the Kings' Royal Rifle Corps, but medical issues which arose whilst he was with them left him unfit to be sent abroad so he was attached to the Training Reserve instead). Following his illness in July/Aug 1915, he was transferred to the 15th (battalion?) (presumably of the KRRC) and by 22.11.15 he was at Seaford, Essex


Further entries in his records are as follows:

+ 1.9.16  T/Reserve 20th transferred L/Cpl (auth ACI 1528 of 1916)

+ 14.9.16 T/R 20th granted 1 good conduct bdge

+ 20 granted proficiency pay class II from 16.2.15

+ T/R 20th granted class II pay 1.6.17


I know that he was in Northampton by the spring of 1918. Is there any way, from the above information, of telling when he was transferred to Northampton?


There is then this entry - what does No 1 T. ill B. Category B1 mean, please?




Further entries after that include:

+ 31.5.18 Transferred L/Cpl

   RB 5 Posted (Sup of) Authy War Office letter 20 Inf?y 1086 d/25.5.18


He was eventually discharged from the army, from Northampton, in 1920, which I take to mean that he remained in Northampton for the rest of the war.


What I think I can can glean from the above is that he was at Seaford, Essex, by 22.11.15, and that at some point thereafter (1.9.16??) he was transferred to the 20th Training Reserve at Northampton, which was then converted back to the 5th battalion of the Rifle Brigade - perhaps on 31st May 1918. Is that right?


Can anyone tell me whereabouts in Northampton the Training Reserve were based? I happen to be going to Northampton on Monday and I'd love to go and have a look at where he'd have been.


Thank you in advance for your help.



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No. 1 T.M.B  ( No 1 Travelling Medical Board)
Category B1 (A medical fitness criteria)


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2 minutes ago, ss002d6252 said:

No. 1 T.M.B  ( No 1 Travelling Medical Board)
Category B1 (A medical fitness criteria)


Aha - thanks very much!


I take it B1 would fit with the story that he wasn't considered sufficiently fit to send abroad?

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8 minutes ago, ss002d6252 said:

In theory he was fit for behind the lines work overseas



Thank you Craig.

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