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Does anybody know how to go about getting permission for a Memorial to be placed on the Somme. Who would I have to contact? The farmer who owns the field? The local Mayor?


Ideally I would like it to be positioned at the jump off point where my boys went over the top, but it is right in the middle of a farmers field, although there is a trackway leading all the way to the point where I would love it to be placed.


Any help would be really appreciated.



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It will probably depend on who is going to pay for the memorial. The farmer who owns the field will also need to be on side..

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You will need to talk to the Mayor of the commune. Get him onside and many potential problems will disappear. Ask him what to do next. Then the landowner who may or may not the the farmer.

If you want funding, try the EU Cultural Affairs office for Picardy in Amiens. They have been known to support funding for British war memorials on the Western Front, provided the appeal is made through the right channels and in the right way.


Good luck.

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