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A.S.C. men M2/045683 to M2/045692 company?


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Can anyone help with this query, please?


A.S.C. men M2/045683 to M2/045692.

According to the medal rolls most of these men disembarked 26/7/15 France.




It's the men disembarking 26/7/15 France that I am researching.

Which A.S.C. company were they?

Where would they embark?


I've not found Service Records for any of these.

Thanks, Kath.



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Hi Kath,

Without service papers it's difficult to tie ASC men to units, however according to 'Army Service Corps 1902 1918' by Michael Young, MT Companies 315 to 320 were all formed in March 1915 and all went to the western front as did 323 to 326, 328, 329 335. There are more in April so not sure that helps. 


M2/045525 was in 320 MT Coy

M2/045616 was in 319 MT Coy

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Thank you, Bill.

The man I'm researching is M2/045685  Pte. Woodhouse, William John on one MIC - though Christened John William ( so J.W. Woodhouse in his 2nd. MIC, Date of entry into France 26/7/15 ).

 He sent a postcard of the troopship Royal Edward to his family, postmarked Avonmouth 25 JY 1915, saying "on the boat ".

It is the type of cheaply produced card which so far I have found was bought on the ship and sent by men going to Gallipoli in June & in July 1915.

The Royal Edward was back at Avonmouth from the June trip  to Gallipoli 21 July.

She left Avonmouth again for Gallipoli 28 July.

So I am wondering if the ASC did some loading of her, or just had the opportunity of visiting her.




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Checking again in Mike Youngs book, only a small number (20 30cwt) lorries, some Ford cars and Ambulances were actually used at Gallipoli, these were attached to 29th Division Train at Suvla Bay. No unit number is given,

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