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1918 shell 18 pound 4 inch Help


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Can anyone help me with this shell casing?

It is 4 inch diameter and approx 11.5 inches high

It is marked 1918 so is now an antique. Not sure if there is any social or monetary value connected with these.

Any info or advice would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance


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Its a cartridge case for the 18pdr field gun. The markings all represent some information on the manufacture and filling of the case. There are some real experts on here who may help you with these. EOC I think is the Elswick Ordnance Co who would have made the case, C/F indicates Cordite (propellent) Filled. Others will be inspection or batch and Lot numbers. These are quite common (I read somewhere that during WW1 daily use of these averaged 65,000!)but are very popular with collectors in good condition. The social value is minimal, but of interest nonethe less. Monetary value, in good condition they seem to move at about £15 to £25, though they can go for much more if offered with a well restored projectile and fuze.

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The last couple I bought, last year at general antique fairs, were £12 and £15 each. Yes, EOC is Elswick Ordnance Co. of Newcastle upon Tyne.




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