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15272 Sgt Henry Alcorn 10th Inniskillings


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Any info at all please, any source.

I have submitted an email question to the organiser of the site, but can't retrieve it to post it here.

Promoted to Sgt virtually on enlistment, reduced to Pte just prior to end of war, and posted to 9th Bn

Survived war, very strange entries in pay book - Very large amounts

Up to £400 prior to leave, demotion, and posting!

Was a solicitors clerk prior to enlistment, believed to have returned to it on discharge.

Also can anyone explain the way pay parades were held in the field an if at the front when it was due what happenef?


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Here is the text of the email sent to the Moderators account



Researching 15272 Sgt Henry Alcorn 10th battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusilers.

Have copies of paybook showing he regularly drew amounts from £10 to £40 and in one instance £400 prior to going on leave.

Q1. Could his family have sent him extra money into his imprest?

Q2. Record shows that around the date he went on leave he was reduced to the ranks of Our and posted to the 9th Battalion.

Q3. Could be have been reduced in tank as an alternative to a court martial as it was just before the war ended.

Q4. Would it be possible to take advantage of the confusion of the time and inaccurate record keeping to "take advantage" of the pay system?

Anyone any info or suggestions? I would also like to find out how soldiers were paid whilst in the field, what happened to the pay of the missing, those in hospital, posted , killed etc because it would been nearly impossible to maintain accurate nominal rolls to match payroll records, and finally who was responsible for handling payments  at company level.

One fact that stands out in the info I have is that he was a solicitors clerk prior to enlistment,  and was promoted almost on signing on.



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The OP is very parsimonious with the information he gives us, which makes life difficult


What do you know already about this man, have you bought the pay book and nothing else, or is it a relative with lots of information


Enlisted 15 Sep 1914

Discharged  25 Mar 1919

Address 10 William St, Limavady, Co Londonderry


And someone more erudite than I will tell you why he was reduced in rank from this snippet



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Certainly he did not come from a monied family - his father was a Bootmaker in Limavady in 1911 census, and was a bootmaker when Henry was born 8 Mar 1895 in Limavady


Howevr I cannot find anything in Irish papers to indicate that anything came to court over fraud

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And as with most things you can usually find an old thread on the forum to help - re Army Act section 183 (2)



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