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John French

Private 24884 Henry Rickard, 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards

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John French

I am trying to verify Private Rickard's enlistment date, reported to be December 1915.  I have checked his war gratuity records and he received £8-0-0 (and he left it to his eldest brother, hence probably single).


Private Rickard died on 21/8/1917 possibly on a working party behind the front lines near Boezinge during 3rd Battle of Ypres.  In which other actions were the 3rd Btn. Grenadiers involved during the time of Private Rickard's service - a link to the war diaries would be much appreciated.

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HERE is the war diary on National Archives. £3.50 download


Reference: WO 95/1219/1

3 Battalion Grenadier Guards

Date: 1915 July - 1919 Jan.

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Posted (edited)

All three volumes of “The Grenadier Guards in the Great War of 1914-1918” by Cecil Ponsonby can be downloaded from Archive.org for free.

Volume 1: https://archive.org/details/grenadierguardsi01pons/page/n10

Volume 2: https://archive.org/details/grenadierguards02pons/page/n8

Volume 3: https://archive.org/details/grenadierguards03pons/page/n10


If his service records haven’t survived then may be mileage in checking out men with nearby service numbers to identify enlistment \ attestation date.

As a starter for ten :-)


24874 James R Patterson – 2nd Battalion on MiC

24875 No match

24876 William G. Prickett – 3rd Battalion on MiC. CWGC has 2nd Battalion and unmarried, aged 24, when he died in France 28/08/1918. SDGW has him Died of Wounds.

24877 James Greenwood  - SWB card shows enlisted 29/11/1915. Discharged 18/10/1918 whilst in the Reserve Battalion. Received the DCM with the 2nd Battalion.

24878 Stanley B Weller – the Labour Corps 642765.

24879 John R Briggs

24880 Thomas Henry Hughes – medal card shows enlisted 27/11/1915, discharged 15/03/1919 when he was with the 1st Provisonal Battalion. I suspect he received the Silver War Badge as well as the Victory Medal & British War Medal.

24881 No match

24882 William Collins

24883 Charles H Packer – 4th Battalion on MiC. CWGC has him died on the Somme with the 4th Bn 25/09/1916. Unmarried and aged 24. SDGW has him Killed in Action.

24884 Henry Rickard

24885 Percy W Murrell

24886 Charles J. Belcher


Hope that helps,



Edit - they were all Victory Medal & British War Medal only.


Edited by PRC
Medal details

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The amount of war gratuity is indicative of service counting from circa November 1915.


24881 mobilised 15.11.1915

24882* attested 11.11.1915


24886* attested 25.11.1915

24888 attested 26.11.1915


*These numbers both appear to have been allocated to two different men. The 'join up' date for the number is the same for each pair of men. 




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War gratuity calc (thank you Craig) gives the month from 22 Oct 1915.



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