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Grass Farm Department (India) 1918

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Does anyone know what British Army unit/s would be linked to Grass Farms in India in 1917 - specifically the Lucknow and Bareilly regions?  I am trying to track an ancestor (possibly Scottish) and the only reference i have is that he served for the "Grass Farm Department".



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The FIBIS Fibiwiki contains a page Unattached List

https://wiki.fibis.org/w/Unattached_List which says

In respect of the later years (1900 onwards) "...the term 'Unattached List' refers to those British Army NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) who were seconded from their regiments to do duty with the Indian Army mainly in the following administrative departments: Royal Indian Army Service Corps, Indian Army Ordnance Corps, Military Engineer Services and Public Works Department, Indian Army Corps of Clerks, Remount Department, Military Farms Department.


Based on that wording, I think your ancestor would have been on the Unattached List of the Indian Army.

You may be able to trace him in records at the British Library,  (see the above Fibiwiki page) many of which are available on digitised FamilySearch microfilm viewable at a FamilySearch Centre or FamilySearch Affiliate Library 


I think you would need to find an Unattached List record to be able to link him to a specific British Army Regiment, unless he was an officer or a warrant officer, when there might be a mention of him in the Indian Army List. Some of these are online, see the FIBIS Fibiwiki page Indian Army List online





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