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2/Lt James Lewis/Louis Riley King's Liverpool - confusing middle name

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Manchester schoolteacher  2/Lt James Lewis/Louis Riley of the King's Liverpool Regt is on the CWGC as Louis.

I think he was born 1894, Prestwich as Lewis and is gazetted similarly.

Confusingly his MIC is indexed as Lewis but Louis on the actual card.


Can anybody find a logical reason for this please ?




There's a few newspaper items:-



... Howsiu. Arthur Jackson. Fred Jones, Harold Harry Ormrod, Arthur Peat, Charles Davenport Dick Pickstone, John Isaac Piatt, James Louis Riley. Arnold Robinson, Herbert Sorton, Roland Sudren, Stanley Tonka, George Roland Walkdan, John Raymond Waller, and Charles ...

Published: Friday 04 June 1909 
Newspaper: Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 
County: Lancashire, England 
Type: Article | Words: 365 | Page: 8 | Tags: none


... Margaret's and Mulberrystreet Municipal; Dick Pickstone, Birley-street John Isaac Piatt. Cheetham Municipal and bt, Thomas's James Louis Riley, Ardwick Municipal and St. Bridget's; Oscar Rix. Mount Carmel. Blacklev; Arnold Robinson, St. Margarets and Manley Park ...

Published: Friday 23 April 1909 
Newspaper: Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 



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