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Any help with which German units where covering the Klien Zillebeke area 5th August 1917


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Hi all


I'm look for any information on which German units were covering the Klien Zillebeke area on the 5th Aug 1917. 


Then they put an attack in against a British front line post.( 9th Bn East Surreys or 9th Bn (Queens West Surrey).


Thank you for any help.



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Hello Roy!

I found the 9th/East Surrey in 24th division.For the 9th/Queens West Surey I found they were absorbed in Training Reserve Bts. of 5th Reserve Brigade in Shoreham.


But they were in Klien-Zillebekle:


Anyway I found the 24th division north-west of Klien-Zillebeke, which was occupied by german 22nd reserve division (relieved on August 10 to Bullecourt).

The 22nd reserve division consisted of reserve-regiments  71, 82 and 94.

In this map you see that area in the period from July 31 - September 19.

The thick blue line is July 31 and the next blue line (interrupted) is August 15



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I just read the regimental history of the german Res.Inf.Rgt.71.

There is mentioned, that the 22rd Res.Div. left that area on August 3, 1917!

On the map you see "1/3" underneath "Wytschaete". That was 1/3 of 12th Inf.Div. That division relieved the 22.Res.Div. in Klien-Zillebeke at the beginning of august 1917!

So we have the regiments 23, 62 and 63 of 12th Inf.Div.!



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It was Infanterie Regiment 23 which advanced its line a bit in the morning of 5 August in that area.



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Thank you both.


Andy the cheers for the info and map.


Do you know if there is an English translation of the attack by the 23rd Inf Regt on the 5th August, Jan.



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The history of IR23 covers it briefly. In a nutshell - as an intercepted message indicated the British Division was to be relieved during the night 4/5th Aug, the Regiment took the opportunity to advance its line 100m. This was carried out at 0450hrs on the 5th by storming parties with artillery support.  Nos 9 and 12 Companies followed on behind. The advance was carried out undercover of mist without any enemy hinderance.



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The advance by IR23, near Groenenburg Farm was a part of the Sommernacht operation, using men from 12th & 207th Divisions. The Germans launched their attack thinking believed that 41st Division, alongside 24th Division, had been so badly hit that it was in urgent need of relief. There is a fairly full account , using both British and German sources, of the attacks on 9th East Surrey, in 'The Journey's End Battalion- the 9th East Surrey in the Great War'. The 9th East Surrey war diary is available free on line through the Surrey Infantry Museum website. The 9th's C.O.- de la Fontaine, was killed by a sniper in this action.


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