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Bombardment of Bethune 7 May 1918

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101 YEARS AGO TODAY:  Bombardment of Bethune.  Ruins at the Place de la Republique, the Belfry and St. Vaast Towe can be seen in the background.  British officers in the Grande-Place, Belfry and Tower of the Church of St. Vaast can also be seen.  Richard von Kuhlmann, the German Foreign Secretary, signing the treaty of peace with Romania in Cotroceni Castle in Bucharest, 7 May 1918. On his right is Count Stephan Burian von Rajecz, the Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister.  American troopship USS Great Northern arriving in Brest with American troops.  Repairing a damaged Nieuport aeroplane at No. 7 American Field Aviation Centre at Issoudun.  French female workers loading food supplies at an American quartermasters depot in Nevers.  French troops seeting up a motor winch of the observation balloon to stablish an observation post at Montchenot (Marne).  Aerial photo of Essex Farm Cemetery, 7 May 1918.

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