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Remembered Today:

Royal Garrison Artillery, 266th Siege Bty.


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My great grandfather was in RGA 266 Siege Battery. Gunner Thomas Preen Service number 91700. Does anyone know any other references I can search for information? Books? Documents? Etc...

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Hello Kevin and welcome. I’ve split this into a separate topic and moved it to Soldiers where hopefully it will get you some answers.


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As a starter I suggest you put "266 Siege Battery" in the Forum Search box top right.





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266 SB went to France on 16 Feb 1917 (source WO 95/.5494).  The war diary https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/f8ff8df0f007445186f7865a6f6d804e which can be downloaded for £3.50 purports to include 266 SB for all the war.  Worth looking at that as well as searching here as Mike advises.

Presumably you have seen his record (on Findmypast) which shows he went overseas in November 1916 initially to a Siege Depot and two heavy artillery pools (essentially marking time) and then in March 1917 to 266 SB, cuts down what you have to read!



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If looking for blocks of numbers in the Medal Roll Index cards don't forget Discovery on the National Archives website. It's free to start with. In this case include WO372, Garrison Artillery and 231??? in the search terms. You can then export to Excel.  A bit of sorting and filtering gives a table like this:





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